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DMV Lic. #E2023


P-51 puts its teaching syllabus online so you know what to expect before you take your lessons. All our lessons are conducted using specific routes designed for optimal training.

Typical First Lesson:

  • Proper right and left turns
  • Proper steering techniques
  • How to take most turns (brake, coast, accelerate)
  • Yielding at a T-intersection (brake, coast)
  • Dealing with pedestrians
  • Backing along the curb (this is part of the DMV drive test)
  • U-turns
  • Lane changes
  • Entering or crossing a bike lane
  • The difference between protected and unprotected left turns
  • Right turns at red lights (full stop, yield, non-stop, exception)
  • Freeway driving (freeway driving on the first lesson is optional)
  • First Report Card*

Typical Second Lesson:

  • High speed country road
  • Approximately one hour of freeway driving
  • A large (Berkeley) or congested (Walnut Creek) city
  • A busy roundabout
  • Unprotected lefts
  • Correcting any bad habits the student has picked-up
  • Second Report Card*

Typical Third Lesson:

  • Trip to the local DMV office (or office where drive test will take place)
  • A thorough explanation of the DMV drive test process
  • Mock driving tests
  • Fine-tuning student's driving habits
  • Advanced driving skills (Info only)
  • Final Report Card*

Typical Fourth-Fifth Lesson:

  • On the 5 lesson plan, lessons 1-4 proceed much slower, and with more repetition
  • Extended freeway driving
  • Roundabouts
  • Unprotected lefts
  • Trip to DMV office
  • Mock driving test
  • Final report card*


*Our criteria for grading is how does the student compare to other new drivers, and may not be a true reflection of the student’s overall driving ability. On the 5 lesson plan, final report card and DMV preparation takes place on the fifth lesson only. Report cards are given to high school students only.